Anne Jeffrey is a mezzo soprano, an aspiring pianist, and a conducting scholar with the Via Choralis community choir. She has a BA from UVic, a JD from UBC, and expects to complete her Diploma in Music Performance this spring. Anne works as an editor and a tutor in addition to performing as classical singer.


Anne Jeffrey is a mezzo soprano and an aspiring pianist. She studies classical voice with Cathy Fern Lewis and contemporary piano with Louise Rose at the Victoria Conservatory of Music. This year, she is also studying choral conducting with Nicholas Fairbank through the Via Choralis community choir’s conducting internship program.

Anne has a Bachelor of Arts in Hispanic Studies with a minor in Music from the University of Victoria, a Juris Doctor from the University of British Columbia, and expects to complete her Diploma in Music Performance, a joint program through Camosun College and the VCM, this spring. Anne is self-employed as an editor and as a tutor of mathematics, music theory, English, writing, French, and Spanish, in addition to performing as a soloist and collaborative singer in the Victoria area.

Anne loves choral music and is a co-founder of the Sequoia women’s a cappella ensemble. Having escaped from the practice of law, she is now working towards becoming an accredited teacher of singing and music theory. Anne has formally studied 5 foreign languages and, in addition to piano and guitar, has played flute, trumpet, trombone, french horn, baritone, and bassoon. In spite of her best efforts, however, she cannot play the clarinet.

Anne loves singing because it allows her to connect with her body and be fully present in the moment. She enjoys singing in collaboration with pianists, chamber ensembles, orchestras, and above all with other singers. She finds choral singing to be a particularly rich experience and recommends it to everyone. Anne strives to help her students grow in confidence and self-esteem, and believes that singing is an excellent way for anyone to pursue that goal.