Blog Post the Second: Christmas carols for corporate occasions

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to sing Christmas carols at a few private corporate events. It’s been fun, and definitely invigorating in that sight-reading-the-alto-line-in-public kind of way. Actually it all went pretty well, sight-reading included. I got lost on my way to the first event, which I am firmly blaming on GoogleMaps, but it should probably noted that I had warned one of my co-carollers ahead of time that I was likely to call her from someplace near the venue, unable to figure out exactly where it was. Which certainly raises a certain inference, as does the fact that I was still about 15 minutes early when I called her, because I’d given myself lots of extra time to get there.

It was totally the fault of GoogleMaps, though.

Once we got there, we had the usual fumbling around of a group thrown together at the last minute: where are we supposed to stand? By the doors? On the stage, or in front of it? Are we being mic’d? They said we were going to have little clip-on mics for each of us, but … okay, they don’t have those, but they do have 2 wireless hand-held mics we can share. Does anyone know how close we need our mouths to be to these things? And so forth. Luckily, the other carollers were there early too, so we got most of that out of the way before the guests started arriving.

The next exciting moment was when we attempted to follow our instructions to sing “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” just at the moment when Santa Claus burst into the room. It might have worked if there hadn’t been a few crossed wires somewhere, because Santa had his own wireless mic and I think they might have filled a stand-up comedian to play the part. We did eventually sing the song, just … after Santa had already come to town.

Maybe if I weren’t also an editor, singing about past events in the present tense wouldn’t bug me. At least we weren’t singing “Here Comes Santa Claus”. I don’t know if I could have resisted changing the lyrics.

There went Santa Claus, there went Santa Claus … I don’t think it would have gone over very well.


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