Blog Post the Fourth: Dealing with the unexpected

I wanted to write about one other thing that happened at one of the carolling gigs, because it was one of the most surreal moments I’ve had while performing.

This particular event took place during the day, and it was one of the few gorgeous sunny days we’ve had recently, so the people running the event decided to set us up just outside the entrance to the venue. There was a minivan parked near the entrance, partially blocking it, so the event manager borrowed one of our mics to ask its owner to move it, warning that it would be towed in five minutes otherwise.

A few minutes later, in the middle of Jingle Bells, we heard a loud noise. It was a man holding a sweatshirt up against the passenger window of the van, and smashing it with a rock. I mean—not successfully. He tried quiet a few times, though. I had to make myself stop watching him and focus on the music.

We managed to keep singing through our collective surprise and I got so distracted that when we finished our set, I looked over and the van was gone. I have no idea what happened to it. I think I would have noticed a tow truck—we were only 8 or 10m away from it! But I also would have thought I’d notice it being driven away, or the window actually smashing, so. Who knows? I just hope it was the owner of the van who was trying to break in. He wasn’t in the event uniform, so I’m fairly sure it wasn’t one of the workers. I think some of the people lined up next to the van probably asked him what was up, but maybe not. I don’t know that I’d question a guy who was using a pointy rock the size of my head to try to break into a vehicle.


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