A Brief Note

I realised after posting my second blog post tonight that it had tomorrow’s date on it, so I went back into my settings and corrected my time zone—again, but this time I figured out that I had to click the “save changes” button above the time zone selector rather than the one below it—and as a result, the subsequent blog posts have the correct date and time stamps, but the first two (“Blog Post the First” and “Blog Post the Second”) are still showing as having been posted tomorrow, which means that they’re showing as the most recent posts instead of the first ones. Since I’ve been titling my posts numerically, it’s obvious what order they were actually written in, but I wanted to make a note of it in case anyone wonders why they’re out of order. Also so that my Music Profession prof will know that I did actually post all these tonight, not tomorrow. (Hi Damian!)


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